Anal Sex Myths

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It is Not a Thing for Straight Men

Partners of all genders and orientations can enjoy anal sex. But, most men, especially straight men fear or shy away from trying it out. But, this sex is not entirely about penetration. Pleasure is also derived from simple things like kissing, touching and licking the anal areas. This implies that even straight men can indulge in anal play.

It is Messy

Anus hygiene is among the major concerns for many people when it comes to this encounter.  Although poop can be released during intense anal sex, it is a rare occurrence. What’s more, human bodies are wired to properly handle such situations. If this happens, just rinse the poop and lubricate the anal canal before you continue. Nevertheless, always shower and release yourself in readiness for this sex.

There are also people that think anal sex can weaken anal muscles and ruin their bodies permanently. But, as long as you prepare properly and pay attention during anal play, the experience will be the most enjoyable and memorable for you and your partner.

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