background patterns

These are just some simple patterns I made that you can use for your website, myspace, or livejournal backgrounds.. or for whatever you choose. Right click to save and simply color them to your liking.

Note: By using/downloading any of the bullets on this site you are agreeing to’s rules and terms of service which can be viewed here.

01pattern 1 02pattern 2 03pattern 3 04pattern 4 05pattern 5 06pattern 6 07pattern 7 8pattern 8 09pattern 9 10pattern 10 11pattern 11 12pattern 12 13pattern 13 14pattern 14 15pattern 15 16pattern 16 17pattern 17 18pattern 18

Here are some examples of what the patterns could look like if you use them as your background, just to give you an idea.
01pattern example 1 02pattern example 2
03pattern example 3 04pattern example 4
05pattern example 5 06pattern example 6
07pattern example 7 08pattern example 8
09pattern example 9 10pattern example 10
11pattern example 11 12pattern example 12
13pattern example 13 14pattern example 14
15pattern example 15 16pattern example 16
17pattern example 17 18pattern example 18


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