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Authored by Greg Fletcher

I came home on my lunch break today instead of staying at work. It is just that time of the year that you know that you don’t have any holidays coming up and that you are going to be working basically until the Forth of July. It is kind of depressing and unmotivating. It is times likes these that I wish that I was back in school and had a spring break to look forward to. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since I was in school and I don’t have plans to go back. I find myself taking really long lunches around this time of the year. I came home, played with my puppy, and fixed a p, b, & j and turned on direct tv Joliet. I watched the “View” over lunch time. Going home on your break ( if you live close enough) is actually pretty nice. Not only do you get a nice break and can re do your make up, but spending time with your pet is good for you and your pet. If I don’t go home during lunch, I find myself worrying about my dog during the day. Going home allows me to spend some time with him and not worry about him so much when I am away from home.

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