Dragon Naturally Speaking

| September 29, 2008

As a blogger, one of my biggest complaints is how long it actually takes to type up articles or posts. I type fairly quickly, but I still find myself sometimes sitting here for a long, long time typing. Continuous typing sometimes also makes my fingers and wrists hurt, and for some can lead to CTS […]

Grossest Apartment Ever

| September 29, 2008

I’ve known some dirty people in my life and I’ve seen some messy homes, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I am a person with mild OCD and I’m also a freak when it comes to cleaning, so this whole thing is pretty disturbing to me. This is a picture of a Houston […]

Hotels Vs. Vacation Homes

| September 29, 2008

I learned the hard way that renting a vacation home is the way to go when going on vacation. That’s why when I plan my southern California road trip to visit my friend next summer I’m going to find myself a nice little rental instead of staying at an overpriced, undersized hotel. I’m also going […]